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The Ultimate Wellness Retreat

Escape to our cabins for the ultimate wellness retreat. Each unit features a private wood-fired hot tub, perfect for soaking in the cedar-scented air. Take advantage of our community cold plunges and sauna to benefit from the invigorating cold water therapy. Book your stay now for a rejuvenating experience like no other.


Wood-Fired Soaking Tubs

A cedar wood-fired soaking tub offers a unique and luxurious experience for relaxation and rejuvenation. The natural aroma of cedar wood creates a calming atmosphere, while the heat from the fire warms the water to the perfect temperature for soaking. Additionally, the natural oils in the cedar wood provide a soothing effect on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.

Dry Sauna


A dry sauna offers numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. It can help to relax, improve circulation, and detoxify the body through sweating. Additionally, regular use of a dry sauna can reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and boost the immune system.

Our community Sauna fits up to the 8 people.

Dry Sauna
Dry Sauna
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Cold Plunges

Cold plunges have numerous benefits for the body and mind. They can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, boost the immune system, and increase energy levels. Additionally, cold plunges can also improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and promote better sleep. Incorporating cold plunges into your routine can lead to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

We offer 2 community cold plunges next to the sauna.

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